**We attempt to make the fee fairly encompassing. However, meals and general personal items are not included. These are the responsibility of the client and his parents/sponsor. 

Available at no additional charge

Purple's Aftercare/Alumni Counseling Program

A part of each client's treatment plan is aftercare. Each client is encouraged to participate in the aftercare program for at least two months after successfully completing the program. The aftercare program is included at no additional cost. Aftercare usually consists of attending at least two groups per week. Many of our clients choose to stay active as part of our alumni for a year or more. As alumni, they are encouraged to attend groups, serve as sponsors or mentors for the current residents and attend the recreational events.

Show up...and then show up again...

Show up...and then show up again...

Purple's Family Insight Counseling Program

It is our belief and experience that the disease of addiction affects the entire family unit. It has also been shown that active involvement of family members and significant others in the treatment process and in their own recovery has a positive influence on treatment outcome.


Goals of the Family Insight Program:

      • Support the recovering client through active participation of family members

      • Assist family members in discovering and working through their own issues in a safe environment

      • Guide family members in the development of healthy relationships

      • Expose family members to 12-Step-based recovery, support groups, family counseling, spirituality and growth through self-acceptance

Visitation & Therapeutic Leaves

Family Visits

Rebuilding damaged relationships is an important part of our program. After a client has been here for two weeks, his family is welcome to visit on the weekend. We ask that you let us know that you are coming and that your visit not conflict with our meeting schedule.


Therapeutic Leave

After a client has been here for a month, he can request a therapeutic leave. Each request is reviewed individually. When approved, the client is allowed to leave for a day, overnight or a weekend.