Through the 12 Steps and Principles Behind Them  

Often in the midst of the chaos of drug use, the dreams you have for your loved one can seem far away. Sometimes, it's difficult to find hope that life will really ever get better. By incorporating the Principles of the 12 Steps into our daily lives and "walk the walk" of recovery, we can rebuild our lives as we recover from the impact of addiction. 

These principles give us a spiritual program with one major focus - human transformation. Through the discovery of a higher power and an honest and thorough look at patterns that have caused disruption, transformation begins. 

Steps 1-3 leads us to powerlessness and acceptance of our problem, hope in a higher power for a solution, and faith in that higher power that comes with persistence and application of recovery tools. 

Steps 4-9 with courage and willingness allows the higher power to operate in our lives once we remove the obstacles that block the recovery process. With humility and forgiveness, we forgive ourselves and let go of the shame and guilt.

Steps 11-12 is where we maintain or strengthen our spirituality. We practice new ways of thinking and acting that opens us up to the higher power with gratitude and a willingness to be of service to others. 

These simple actions you can practice each and every day to improve the quality of your life. The process isn't complicated. It simply requires the willingness to change and the courage to ask for help.