In what way am I maladjusted to life? Have I always been this way? Was I born this way? Or did I become this way because of the world around me? Was it something that happened to me or how I reacted to it? Was it external or internal?

Is not the nature of my problems being maladjusted to this life, disconnected from The Spirit, with only my vices to cope with the wreckage.  I have a GOD sized hole in me, and every time the wind blows thru me, I feel alone, afraid and confused. My only objective in life so far has been getting what I want or not losing what I have. Driven by fear, selfishness, anger and self-pity I have stumbled through this world making a mess.

What do I do? I ask for help. I accept on blind faith what others are telling me. I find other happy people and do what they are doing. I seek to be connected to The Spirit.

Happiness is an inside job, I must do the hard work necessary for change. My change is my responsibility but happens with the help of others. How far down the rabbit hole will you go? If your heart can take it, come fly with me! A lifetime of change, happiness and serving others.