Purple has been around for just over 16 years. Over the course of those years, we have had the great pleasure to serve men and their families in finding recovery. It is an incredible feeling to be able to bring light back into the lives of these families that have been in the dark for so long. Many of you remember what that felt like and the long journey of recovery.

Families reach out to us everyday looking to find that light. However, some do not have the resources for that dream to come true here at Purple. Every year we strive to give out scholarships to men to be able to come through Purple who would not be able otherwise. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fill the void for the many others. Last year we finally had our first breakthrough when a family approached us looking to give back and made a generous donation to help more men come through Purple. That donation alone helped six men come into treatment that would normally not been able to.

Since having that experience, we set out to find a solution to help more men and their families have that same opportunity. We’re hopeful this vision can become a reality and we are excited to share the news of our collaboration with The Sobriety Resource.   

What is The Sobriety Resource? This organization raises and distributes funding to other organizations and individuals involved in the primary and secondary treatment of alcoholism and addiction. They also provide assistance in program development and enhancement and provide needs-based scholarships for individuals. 

The Sobriety Resource is a 501c3 charitable organization. Now, donations to Purple can be made out to The Sobriety Resource, which can go towards a cause of your choosing. Whether it is a scholarship to help an individual get into Purple, building for the future, Epic Trek fund, or even general use, it will all go towards bettering the experience for men at Purple. 

Purple appreciates that you are generous and understand the importance of giving back. Whether it is a recurring or one-time donation Purple tremendously appreciates your support.

Please visit www.thesobrietyresource.org for more information or Make a Donation

For any further questions email Adam at adam@purpletreatment.com

In Service,

Adam Miller

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