Rob C.

Purple Alumni :: XII

My Life Story
Starting in middle school I began to venture into the world of alcohol. Marijuana and pills came shortly after. Before I knew what I had begun, I was found to be mentally ill. Abusing drugs and alcohol had put me into a drug-induced psychosis. I spent my late teens and early twenties in jails and psychiatric hospitals. 

On one particularly bad night I decided to throw everything away. I cleared my bank account and made my way downtown. I bought as many drinks as I wanted until I was wasted. Soon all of the bars were closed and I was out of money; that was when the depression set in. The next morning I was in jail and I wanted to die. That’s when I decided I needed help and I heard about Purple.

When I got here I found many other guys of my background all in a similar spot as me. My body mind and this thing called spirit were all dying. I went to a meeting and picked up a white chip. Little did I know this would mark the beginning of my spiritual journey towards sobriety? Soon after I got a sponsor who would take me through the steps and show me the solution. I grew to love Purple and everyone associated with it. 

Today Purple is my second home. I always feel I am welcome to hang out with the clients. It is a blessing to say that I am sober and I am a Purple alumnus. Today I am free from all chains and bindings of drugs and alcohol. I have learned that this is a selfless program and it is through giving back that you receive the most. I also know that it is a program of rigorous honesty. These are the principles I live by today. I am thankful to be sober and I am thankful for Purple.